Shaden Shabayek

I am a post-doctoral researcher at SciencesPo Médialab.

Research interests

Social Networks, Opinion Dynamics, Misinformation, Ignorance studies.

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:open_book:There is truth in Marshall McLuhan’s assertion that the one thing of which the fish is unaware is water, the very medium that forms its ambience and supports its existence. Similarly, communication, through language and other symbolic forms, comprises the ambience of human existence. The activities we collectively call communication - having conversations, giving instructions, imparting knowledge, sharing significant ideas, seeking information, entertaining and being entertained - are so ordinary and mundane that it is difficult for them to arrest our attention. James Carey in Communication as Culture: essays on media and society (1989).

Current & Future Research agenda :bulb:

  • I am passionate about understanding opinion dynamics especially the drivers of opinions polarization.
  • I am also interested in misinformation with a special focus on actors, reactance to misinformation policies on mainstream platforms and migration towards alternative platforms such as Telegram.
  • I am more and more interested in combining qualitative methods (to study actors) and quantitive methods. I also look forward to study the (strong) connection between the online climate discourse and the “offline” climate discourse, from the perspective of actors (social media users, versus experts) and also regulatory pressure (top-down from platforms and regulators when it comes to climate disinformation, versus bottom-up when it comes to industrial lobbying).